Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Happenings

A Bulleted List of Happenings:

1. Thanksgiving was awwwkward, my family sat in a room together for four hours and stared at the wall. Holidays were so much more fun when I was younger but now they're really just boring to me. It's sad that the holidays are a drag but my family isn't really close so our gatherings aren't as meaningful as I'd like them to be. On the other hand, I hope you all had an amazing holiday. I've read some of your recaps and seen pictures- there are some seriously good cooks out there in blog world. 

2.  I'm mailing my "How the Glitz Stole Christmas" gift today! This is my first blogger swap, hosted by Raven & Lindsey...I'm really excited! This feels like a little piece of Christmas before the actual day, and in my opinion, stretching Christmas out can never be a bad thing. My swap partner is Emily at "And I'm the Lucky Mommy"- go check out her blog!

3. I went to The Limited on Saturday to buy ONE DRESS. I ended up walking out of the store with a pair of earrings, a scarf, three shirts, and a dress...all for $30 more than the dress itself. Everything in the store was 40% off, INCLUDING CLEARANCE so how could I resist? I got some Christmas shopping done so it wasn't all for me! 

4. I'm seriously considering selling my tablet/docking station and buying a laptop. At this point, I would almost splurge for a Mac. When I bought my tablet I was told that if I downloaded a couple apps, it would run just like a laptop and everything would be the same. It's not. It takes FOREVER to upload videos, the keyboard is super touchy, it doesn't work like a computer and the version of Office I downloaded isn't true "Office". So, I'm asking for help again! I need computer recommendations or a way to make this tablet work like it should. Is anyone out there techy?Can we do a Skype sesh so I don't lose my mind on technology? 

5. I promise to get back to blog commenting this week...the holidays really throw things out of whack!


Friday, November 25, 2011

I Still Love You

I am so sorry. 
We haven't chatted in a while, no? 

Life is cray.
School is cray.
And I picked up a ton of nannying hours this week. 

Did you all have  good Thanksiving?
Did you go shopping today?
I am working today and shopping tomorrow- finishing up Christmas shopping! 

I will be back tomorrow or Sunday with news, or a joke, or something to chat about. 


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

Hi lovies,

I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I can't help gearing up for Christmas. I feel like Christmas lasts an entire month, there are so many more festivities and parties to go to and it's just a BLAST. I bought a new ornament for my tree yesterday, some sparkly candles and some ornaments that are going to turn into a DIY craft.

This December I'm...
-getting three and a half weeks off school
-seeing an amazing Christmas play at a local church
-hosting a Christmas party
-hosting a holiday dinner
-seeing my sissy and her new baby!

I'm going to try to find a couple wine tastings to go to and maybe spend a couple nights at the comedy club. It's so hard to find things to do in Michigan in the winter that aren't boring or outdoors. I HATE being cold, and getting soaking wet/snow in my boots, gloves and coat (aka any outdoor activity) is not really my thing. I'm staying indoors thank you!

Here are a couple things I'm wishing for this Christmas...

Kate Spade Twirl This perfume is amazing! It came as a sample in my Birchbox this month and I am in love. Finally something I am not allergic to and something that doesn't smell like pure sugar.

Keurig I already HAVE a Keurig...a single cup one that works perfectly, but I really want this one because you can select the cup size and it holds up to 8 cups of water at once I think. If I find a chunk of change on the ground, maybe I'll spend it on this!

I forgot a link for this one (I think BB&B) but I am dying for a Tempurpedic pillow. My current pillows are actually pretty old and uncomfortable. I totally believe in the power of a good nights sleep and this pillow would help me do such!

UGGs I have some black EMU brand boots but they're two years old and in Michigan that means the bottoms are worn down, they're covered in salt and the leg part is all slouchy. Warm boots are a necessity for every winter!

A Pedi in This Room! This is the most amazing room for pedicres I have ever seen. I would fall asleep in one of those chairs. I don't even know where this spa is, but, every Christmas I ask for a gift card to my salon so I can at least get one free haircut and pedi a year :)

What are you wishing for this Christmas? What are your December plans?


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blogger Favorites

I spent a majority of last weekend shopping online, mostly for Christmas gifts. I really wanted to spend my money through stores that are run independently or by bloggers. I think this is a great way to boost our economy a little bit and support people who own their own business. Here are a couple of the shops I ordered from...

Fetch & Co. is run by Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds. All the proceeds from your purchases will go to get her sweet dog Bella surgery on her knee. There are some seriously cute mugs and bracelets in her shop!

I ordered this mug- it's on it's way to my house! In case you didn't know, I'm a cat lady...haha!

This bracelet is ADORABLE...if it were the least bit warm/summery/sunny here, I would snatch this up in a heartbeat! I love turquoise so much- one of my favorite colors.

Secondly I ordered some beautiful earrings from Elisabeth Ashlie jewelry. Elisabeth Ashlie is run by Kate and her sister. The earrings I ordered aren't up anymore (obviously), but I'm thinking about ordering this today. The earrings arrived yesterday and they are BEAUTIFUL.

Lastly, Megan over at Style Me Swanky is hosting a giveaway! The prize is a pair of earrings and a pashmina scarf of your choice from Yours Truly. Their dresses are beautiful- and so versatile, visit their website even if you don't enter the giveaway. ;-) The giveaway runs until tomorrow (Sunday) evening.

Have a good weekend, lovies!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pinterest Love

Here are some of my favorite pins since I'm at work until 11:30 and I don't want to start homework yet :) I don't actually have a Pinterest account but I do spend all my free time a few minutes every day looking through the pages.

I only wish it were warm enough to wear this!


Michigan :)

Questions: What are you up to this weekend? What are you up to this November?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

While I Was Gone...

  • psychology test- nailed it- 84%, not as good as I had hoped, but I have an 86% in the class
  • math test- also nailed it- 85%
  • interview got rescheduled...nervous, need to rehearse some questions and objectives/goals
  • celebrated my little girl's {not actually mine, but...I've been her nanny for forever, so...} birthday 
  • spent my life savings at Target {standard}
This Week....
  • ahead on math and psychology
  • homemade cinnamon rolls
  • FINALLY my interview on Friday
  • hopefully some serious blogging/pictures
  • working 42 hours...
I know bullet points are no substitution for actual sentences and paragraphs. I spent the majority of this weekend working and out of town-ish. It's hard to find a chunk of time to devote to le bloggy.