Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What If There Was No Tomorrow?

Over the weekend I was at a national leadership conference for my student organization.  There, I learned SO MUCH not only about leadership, but about myself.  We attended different programs all weekend long but one that taught me a life lesson was called What If There Was No Tomorrow?  I'm sure you can get a sense of what this program was about just from the title.  We were given scenarios and then were told to write down our reactions.  These reactions were passed around anonymously and read aloud for the group.  By doing this, I got a lot off of my chest without actually spilling my guts in front of a room full of strangers!  When we started this blog, we decided we were going to throw caution to the wind and just release everything we had been feeling in every post [and I think we have done a stellar job at doing so thus far haha] so I'm going to release a little more and I think you should too!

*Think back to a person you yelled at out of anger
*If tomorrow was your last day, would you handle it any differently?

*How well do you handle anger?
*What else would you let this person know?

        I would not handle the situation any differently.  As surprising as that sounds, I let off a lot of steam that had been built up for quite some time towards you.  I don't get angry very often but when someone hurts me, I act quite impulsively.  I'm sorry things went so sour when we attended college so far away from each other.  I miss you and I know you can do better than what you are doing and I will keep pushing you until you can see that as well.
      ....also, I used to sing Taylor Swift's song I'd Lie because I swore she wrote it for you and I ;)

Stay beautiful! xoxo

Friday, May 27, 2011

Out of the Building!

Reese and Leigh are gone for the weekend- at a conference and house sitting! Have a wonderful Memorial Day! Back on Monday :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's Wednesday! I don't have a button for it and I didn't link with anybody but I'm doing WILW anyways!

1. I'm loving that the sun is finally coming out! It rained every freaking day last week and it's rained every night this week. We are all so sick of the rain- and finally we get some sun!

2. I'm loving my new job at the office! I'm working weekends (tours and events) for a local parks and rec- and 4 days in the office for them as well. Yesterday was my first day and my brain was FRIED. I learned so much yesterday and I'm really getting the hang of things. I'm thinking I need some cute office supplies for my desk soon!

3. I'm loving that I ordered Jimmy Johns for lunch! I haven't gone grocery shopping in....a while and I think I basically have Naked juice and beer in my fridge haha. Obviously I need to start packing my lunch...but JJ is so close and so delicious.

4. I'm loving that I finally feel like I can just be ME! I'm so happy with myself lately...my body, my personality, my work, my accomplishments. I heard a quote that said- Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony. I finally feel like I'm there. Thank God!

5. I'm loving that I get to blog during work when my boss steps out of the office. Winning!

So-- what are you loving?! Tell me!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Am Enough

Two of my favorite bloggers have talked about this same issue of...insecurity and confidence this past week and Andrea over at Can You Stay for Dinner? really hit a chord with me. One of her posts said "Does it really matter if I reveal my height, weight, race, gender...etc?" and then she said them. She. Said. Them. Who reveals information like that? She did. She is so brave to me.

It is so easy for me to think that I don't care about what I look like, or that my nose is too big, or that my hair isn't smooth enough, etc...but it's so much harder to actually NOT care. For so long I wanted so badly to be perfect, to be small, petite, little, toned, tight, tan, long, lean, itty-bitty and....fake. None of those things are who I am.

For the first time in a long time, today, I felt truly at peace with myself. I was driving in my car with music on, sun shining on my face, and smiling. Wearing only shorty shorts and a tank top, I wasn't worried about the winter weight I still haven't lost, my un-toned calves or lack of a 6 pack. My hair was blowing in the wind and that was okay. It's all okay.

A few days ago I was thinking to myself about all of my imperfections...and my flaws. My character weaknesses and problems. I thought "I could see why nobody would want to be with me. It would be hard." and then I remembered that...I am enough. Being smaller won't make someone love me. Hours at the gym won't make people appreciate me. A better butt won't make me prettier. And if someone couldn't be with me unless I was those things....then I don't want to be with them. I don't NEED to be with them. Because I am enough.

5' 2''. Female. White/Caucasian/Mexican/Native American/Irish/English/Scottish. 150#. Size 10. 8.5 shoe. Brunette.

The world will not be nicer to me if I am anything different than that above. Life will not go differently. People will not love me more or less. That is enough...I am enough.

Happy SUNday!

Lordy Bee!  It is so gorgeous outside today!  I cannot get over how much the sun just illuminates my entire day.  Mood, complexion, energy- everything!  I hope that everyone out there is having a great day.  Even if the sun is not shining your way, this is me sending a little love :) 

How great are friends?  I mean true friends.  The people who will be by your side when it feels like everyone else has walked out on you.  A lot of my friends from high school are going away for internships and whatnot this summer so it is a pretty rare to have everyone home at one time.  Last night was one of those times.  I had a blast just sitting around and chatting it up about life, school, work, everything.  You can really tell the people who will be around forever in your life by the conversation that is made when you have been apart for awhile.  Things will just, sort of, pick up where they left off and after having a good conversation you will feel good.  I smile just thinking about all of my great friends.  I hope all of you have these people in your life! 

Last night came with a reconnection of sorts as well and so I'm going to give you a little challenge blog world.  Go find someone who you once were very close with and for some reason just fell out of touch with.  Go ahead and think for a second...ok...got it?!  Now go find them!  With so many social medias and the internet, there are no more excuses!  It will make you feel better, trust me.  Even if the conversation isn't that great, you will feel better knowing that you made an effort and hopefully another friend!

Enjoy the sunshine [if you have it]!  Be brave!  Be exciting!  Be daring!  xoxo

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Thoughts

I just have a lot of little things on my mind...and no one to really tell or just chat with so...I'm turning to all of you. I know you listen. And will respond. Grab a cup of coffee first, it's still early.

1. I am so far in over my head with this new job of mine. I was TOLD it was a weekend position planning events for my local parks and rec. At the meeting with my boss yesterday she asked if I wanted to work FOUR days in the office a week. Um, by the way, I already nanny in the mornings and in the afternoons. I'm not complaining about the job- I know I'm going to love it...but I CAN'T do it all and it's so overwhelming trying to juggle three jobs and please everyone all the time.  For the record...this will be- a family of 5, a family of 4, and the entire city I live in that I have to make happy. Ahem.

2. Why is sunshine so wonderful? I woke up at 6:30-630! this morning and it was just so sunny and I could already feel it was a little warm. It's finally stopped raining here and that makes me so happy. The grass outside is bright green and I can hear birds chirping. Spring is finally here- which means summer is on its way! 

3. I got a spray tan yesterday. Not a Mystic Tan- a spray tan. I stood in a booth as naked as the day I was born...and a person- a real live person sprayed me with freezing cold DHA-infused liquid. It's obviously the darkest it's going to be today...so I'm looking a little Jersey-fab. Also, I'm giving tours at work today so a lot of people are going to get to see my Jersey fab-ness. You aren't allowed to shower for 24 hours (1pm- I am counting!) and I seriously feel grody. Is that TMI? I bet you all didn't want to know all that. Sorry. Kindof.

4. Has anyone done Jillian Michaels DVD's? I quit going to the gym because I was spending 35 bucks a week to drive to a different city and work out...it was getting so expensive! As it turns out- you can't stop working out and keep the 'working out' bod. I'm thinking Jillian Michaels and some weekly jogs around my neighborhood are definitely in order.

Have a beautiful day, loves. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's The Little Things

Since our last post was a little heavy and maybe controversial, I just wanted to share this with you. Sometimes we (read: I) get so caught up with life, work, school, friends, relationships, drama, growing up, etc, etc...that we forget to appreciate the little things that make us happy.  I just found this website via Makeup Hope  and I love it!

 I love knowing that I worked hard and got things done before I go to sleep at night!
 Summer, anyone?

 I'm perfecting my skill.

All images courtesy of Just Little Things.

It's hard to fight when the fight ain't fair

Okay. Reese and I are just throwing this out here...maybe because we just need to vent but we seriously are both dumbfounded over this whole topic. Read on...

It's been written about over and over, the differences between men and women but why then, do we still not understand each other?  Is it that people just don't want to make the time?  Or maybe there is something inside of us that makes us not want to deal with the opposite sex?  Whatever it is, both sexes keep messing it up.  As two women who have recently hit a rough patch with significant others, we decided to look deeper into what makes men tick.  Bashing the opposite sex is always fun but as Reese's mother always says- "we must look at both sides of the coin."  To start things off, we found this blog on the Masters of Healthcare website.  Take a look!  There is some pretty interesting stuff in here:

Let both of us clarify that- we don't hate men, we aren't angry at the world and that we understand men and women communicate differently. We're in our early 20's so obviously we don't have as much life experience, and we aren't in committed relationships or married. However, we're both Communication majors and Women's Studies minors (twins- holla!), so I just feel like we have a pretty good academic grasp on this issue. The issues I see in gender communication are...

*"You should know what I meant/You should know I was joking/You should..."
-We all know what assuming does! Sometimes "you should know I was joking" feels more like you're simply hiding behind a "joke" that was actually hurtful.  Nobody can read your mind and sometimes we all say things that stick- words do have power. 

*"I don't care"
-If I had a nickle for every man who has said this to me! When I hear this- it hurts me because I put effort and time into everything I do...I'm a planner, an organizer, etc...so I don't do anything halfheartedly. To tell me you don't care about issue a, b, or c is personal to me.  There are two people in this relationship- let's both make some decisions!

*No communication at all!
-Almost every relationship I've been in...the guy just will NOT discuss some things- small things like why his day was bad or why he's not in a good mood. I'm not asking you to tell me about your troubled childhood, I'm asking you to tell me why you texted me "I hate my job". There is a difference. I can't help you if you won't talk to me. I can't feel close to you unless you show SOME emotion?

*When everything comes to a screeching halt
-I guess this could have gone under the "No communcation at all!" heading, but it is so important and relevant right now in our lives that it deserves it's own!  This has happened far too often and something that must be addressed.  Why do it, guys?  Everything seems like it is going well.  I feel good about how things are going.  Every time we talk it seems like he is happy with what is happening and then it hits you like a line drive.  He just stops calling/texting/everything.  I find myself in my bed eating ice cream and listening to Taylor Swift.  I don't want to seem clingy so I let it go for a few days but COME ON do I not deserve a simple phone call?  A head's up as to why in the world things ended so abruptly?  Speak up.  I'm not asking to get back together, I just want to know what is going on so I can move onto bigger and better men.

What say ye, fellow bloggers? Are we crazy? Are Michigan/Ohio men the only ones who struggle with communicating? :) How can we bridge this gap between the sexes?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So Here's The Thing...


It's Wednesday.

Wednesday is such a weird day. Two days behind you, two ahead. Today is the hump day.

It's raining. It's cold. It's cloudy. It's been raining for about nine years straight. 

So...about me...before Reese and I dive into our lives and take you on adventures, bake you things, rant, complain, and tell jokes...

First. I like bullet points. I'm working on the whole 'paragraph' thing which is probably important because I'm a Junior in college, so...paragraphs are important. 

Second. I'm a nanny. This means my job includes but is not limited to: breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, games, movies, naps, play time, imagination, puzzles, coloring, playing outside, getting messy, cleaning up, time outs, hugs, kisses, laughing, laundry, Clorox wip-ing, boo-boo kissing, and general awesomeness...Yeah. It's a lot. Some days I understand why my mother locked herself in the bathroom.

Third. I have Pandora on almost all the time. My stations are as follows: Train, Lee DeWyze, Rascal Flatts, The Band Perry, and Zac Brown Band.

Fourth. I have a problem. More of an addiction really...that I enjoy. Sugar. I love sugar. Especially when mixed with butter,chocolate, flour, etc...and topped with frosting. I'll confess something to you guys, and you only. Yesterday I went out with a friend for ice cream and ate my. whole. cone. THEN I went home and ate an ice cream sandwich. Seriously. Sorry.Oh, is swimsuit season here already? I obviously had not noticed.

Fifth. I love Real Housewives of NJ. This is the only RH that I watch and I love it so much. Did anyone see the season opener? Seriously- a fight at a Christening?! I love that Teresa always comes back and says "I'm a classy lady...I'm a good person...I don't want drama". It makes me feel more normal about my own life.

Sixth. I love the sun. I almost just typed "I don't know what I'd do without it" but, um, I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon. I can't wait for my pool to open and lay out all day. I'm not a big swimmer- I just like to lay and be WARM.

That's really all I have for you today. I'm in a funk from work and from this seriously God-awful weather. Reese and I should be popping up on your follower lists soon. Seriously can't wait to hear back from you and be a part of the bloggy world!

"It's a funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept less than the best, you quite often get it. "
-W. Somerset Maugham 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You can turn off the sun, but I'm still gonna shine.

Hi all!  We thought we would start off this with our individual posts and then come together for the rest just so you can get to know the two lovely ladies you sharing your time with.  This is Reese.  I am a Leo and although I don't necessarily believe your astrological sign can predict the future or things like that, I believe it does say a whole heck of a lot about a person.  And my happens to sum me up pretty well.  If you're not up on your signs (which I know I'm not) here is a quick summary of the lovely Leo:

You are warm, generous and open minded.  You are a strong leader and are quickly noticed whenever you enter a room. You enjoy being at center stage. You have strong pride.  When you start a project, you will go to its end. You tend to be artistic and creative. You are a loyal and fiery lover. You like to make fun of yourself, but you don't appreciate others doing it.
There you are. A tiny summary of my personality.  There is much more than that though.  I'm from Ohio and I have to admit, I love being a Midwestern girl.  I like the seasons (although I am usually complaining about the summer being too hot and the winter being too cold).  I am a die hard Cleveland sports fan, no matter what that does to my heart.  Go Indians, Cavs and Browns!  I like quotes.  Yours, mine, celebrities, philosophers...all of them!  Share some of your favorite!

I cook and bake when I'm bored.  Cupcakes are one of my favorite things to bake.  There are so many variations that make each cupcake so unique!  From fruit to chocolate- I could NEVER get bored of baking them.  If anyone has any great recipes, send them my way!  I love trying new recipes...plus I never feel as guilty about eating one cupcake instead of trying to limit myself to one piece of cake.  We all know that never happens ;)

I am majoring in Communication.  Those who laugh at this statement probably have a problem with communication and they have no idea.  This field of study is so vast and important that I get sad when I think about how many people let it slip through the cracks.  Just think of all the times you communicate in a day!  Through talking and texting, social media networks- heck! we're communicating through this blog!  Just think about it.  Everywhere we go, we are communicating with the world around us.  I hope this blog helps people with that.  Leigh and I are both hard hitting Comm majors and we like to think we can bring some pretty great insight into anyone's situation.  Bring it!  We'd love to talk!  Don't be afraid to comment or email us at reeseandleigh@yahoo.com.  I promise we won't bite :)

Well, I won't rant on for too long now.  I'm just a small town girl looking to move away and experience life.  Join me!
Maybe we are the way we are because of the people we're with, maybe we just pick the people we need. However it works, when you find each other, you should never let go.
-Modern Family