Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You can turn off the sun, but I'm still gonna shine.

Hi all!  We thought we would start off this with our individual posts and then come together for the rest just so you can get to know the two lovely ladies you sharing your time with.  This is Reese.  I am a Leo and although I don't necessarily believe your astrological sign can predict the future or things like that, I believe it does say a whole heck of a lot about a person.  And my happens to sum me up pretty well.  If you're not up on your signs (which I know I'm not) here is a quick summary of the lovely Leo:

You are warm, generous and open minded.  You are a strong leader and are quickly noticed whenever you enter a room. You enjoy being at center stage. You have strong pride.  When you start a project, you will go to its end. You tend to be artistic and creative. You are a loyal and fiery lover. You like to make fun of yourself, but you don't appreciate others doing it.
There you are. A tiny summary of my personality.  There is much more than that though.  I'm from Ohio and I have to admit, I love being a Midwestern girl.  I like the seasons (although I am usually complaining about the summer being too hot and the winter being too cold).  I am a die hard Cleveland sports fan, no matter what that does to my heart.  Go Indians, Cavs and Browns!  I like quotes.  Yours, mine, celebrities, philosophers...all of them!  Share some of your favorite!

I cook and bake when I'm bored.  Cupcakes are one of my favorite things to bake.  There are so many variations that make each cupcake so unique!  From fruit to chocolate- I could NEVER get bored of baking them.  If anyone has any great recipes, send them my way!  I love trying new recipes...plus I never feel as guilty about eating one cupcake instead of trying to limit myself to one piece of cake.  We all know that never happens ;)

I am majoring in Communication.  Those who laugh at this statement probably have a problem with communication and they have no idea.  This field of study is so vast and important that I get sad when I think about how many people let it slip through the cracks.  Just think of all the times you communicate in a day!  Through talking and texting, social media networks- heck! we're communicating through this blog!  Just think about it.  Everywhere we go, we are communicating with the world around us.  I hope this blog helps people with that.  Leigh and I are both hard hitting Comm majors and we like to think we can bring some pretty great insight into anyone's situation.  Bring it!  We'd love to talk!  Don't be afraid to comment or email us at reeseandleigh@yahoo.com.  I promise we won't bite :)

Well, I won't rant on for too long now.  I'm just a small town girl looking to move away and experience life.  Join me!
Maybe we are the way we are because of the people we're with, maybe we just pick the people we need. However it works, when you find each other, you should never let go.
-Modern Family


  1. I love baking cupcakes! Have you checked out the books Hello Cupcake and What's New Cupcake by Karen Track?! They are amazing!

  2. Thanks so much for reading! It truly brings a smile to my face! I'll be sure to check out the books for some new recipes. Thank you!