Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Thoughts

I just have a lot of little things on my mind...and no one to really tell or just chat with so...I'm turning to all of you. I know you listen. And will respond. Grab a cup of coffee first, it's still early.

1. I am so far in over my head with this new job of mine. I was TOLD it was a weekend position planning events for my local parks and rec. At the meeting with my boss yesterday she asked if I wanted to work FOUR days in the office a week. Um, by the way, I already nanny in the mornings and in the afternoons. I'm not complaining about the job- I know I'm going to love it...but I CAN'T do it all and it's so overwhelming trying to juggle three jobs and please everyone all the time.  For the record...this will be- a family of 5, a family of 4, and the entire city I live in that I have to make happy. Ahem.

2. Why is sunshine so wonderful? I woke up at 6:30-630! this morning and it was just so sunny and I could already feel it was a little warm. It's finally stopped raining here and that makes me so happy. The grass outside is bright green and I can hear birds chirping. Spring is finally here- which means summer is on its way! 

3. I got a spray tan yesterday. Not a Mystic Tan- a spray tan. I stood in a booth as naked as the day I was born...and a person- a real live person sprayed me with freezing cold DHA-infused liquid. It's obviously the darkest it's going to be I'm looking a little Jersey-fab. Also, I'm giving tours at work today so a lot of people are going to get to see my Jersey fab-ness. You aren't allowed to shower for 24 hours (1pm- I am counting!) and I seriously feel grody. Is that TMI? I bet you all didn't want to know all that. Sorry. Kindof.

4. Has anyone done Jillian Michaels DVD's? I quit going to the gym because I was spending 35 bucks a week to drive to a different city and work was getting so expensive! As it turns out- you can't stop working out and keep the 'working out' bod. I'm thinking Jillian Michaels and some weekly jogs around my neighborhood are definitely in order.

Have a beautiful day, loves. 

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  1. Ha ha I just started using a tanning bed for my wedding so I didn't blend with the dress! I have never used Jillian Michaels. However I just found out that on Comcast on Demand they have free exercise videos and those seem to work. Check out exercise I think or google that and it might have some online.