Thursday, September 29, 2011


So I had an entire (well, half) of a post typed up yesterday and my tablet wouldn't let me type anymore on it- so frustrating! It's for the better,, though, because it was all whiny and Debbie-downer of me. I don't want to be like that- even though I know we ALL have days like that!This post is going to be super random because I have a lot of things to tell you guys but I can't formulate a thought right now- ha!

In other news...the reason Reese and I were gone last week is BECAUSE a) I was sick as death, b) I was behind on school, c) we had an event to cater, d) Reese went out of town. Last week was NUTS. 

The SURPRISE that I told you about two or three times is that Reese and I are opening up our own business! We have been talking about it for some time now- almost a year, and with the end of school fast approaching, we figured there's no better thing to do. We're going to be making cupcakes and cookies for student organizations on campus and also small local events- birthday parties, girls nights, etc. We made up some business cards and have been handing them out. We did our first event last week- 60 cupcakes! We are in the process of making up a menu and price list- hopefully by the end of October this will be all done. I'm thinking our next step needs to be making up a portfolio and doing some more marketing. 

I found the bed and side chairs I want at IKEA yesterday! There is one about 30 minutes from me so in a couple weeks I am going to buy my bed! The chairs are $600 so those are going to have to wait for another month or so- sigh. I never realized how much money it costs just to be a grown up and have things like REAL furniture in your house. The chairs are a chocolate brown which will go nicely with my couch and all the espresso colored furniture in my house...

Alright ladies that's really all I have for you ladies- but we are still here and checking blogs often!

Questions: What's your favorite flavor cupcake? Have you ever bought furniture from IKEA- thoughts?


I promise.... tell you guys some stuff tonight. Last week was crazy and school is consuming Reeses' ('s?) and my life. I had a post all made up for yesterday and my new tablet wouldn't let me type on it anymore- I will start over tonight :)


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Morning

Unfortunately I'm spending my Sunday working, but, there's quite a bit of downtime on the weekends, so I take it easy. I'm making a crock pot full of chili tonight- fall is officially here!

This is obviously my mug of coffee because I spend time perfecting my latte art.  

Browsing...I wish I were as crafty as some of these people!

Reading secrets- I absolutely love Post Secret.
Link Link Link

This week for Reese and I:-working out! Reese hurt her neck this week so we skipped Thursday of this week
-lots of class and schleping across campus
-student government/meetings/official things :)
-decorating for fall and baking delicious things

Our surprise is coming later this week! We are just dying to tell you but need to be together to post it!

Questions for you:
What's your favorite part of fall? What do you usually do on Sundays?


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Updates!

I'm so happy Reese is back- on the blog and in Michigan! Now our blog can have a little more focus and we can start tag-teaming posts again. School is officially in full swing, football season has started, and we are having a blast! Reese and I have a surprise but we can't tell you for another week- so check back then!

Reese and I are both bound and determined to get healthy this year. It's neither of our goals to drop serious weight or become vegan- nothing extreme, but we are both making small changes and I can speak for us both when I say we feel better already. I just wanted to tell the few things I'm doing that have made a BIG change. I started back in August doing one new healthy thing a week. I knew I would get overwhelmed if I started doing everything at once and this way I had a full week to adjust to my new habit before adding in something new.

1. Take a multivitamin every morning. I take a prenatal vitamin but that's just my personal pick. Mine are Meijer brand so it doesn't need to be anything expensive. I'm all for getting all my nutrients through "real" food but that's near impossible and since I don't really eat dairy, I'm lacking in Vitamin D and Calcium anyways. 

2. Drink a glass of water every morning (I take mine with my vitamin). Our bodies are mostly water- so it makes sense for us to stay hydrated! Drinking a glass of water every morning makes me feel more awake. There are days where this ends up being the only water I drink- so at least I know I had that ONE glass. I'm trying to carry a water bottle with me more but I forget a lot...

3. Go semi-vegetarian. I know I could never be a vegan or even a 100% vegetarian so I'm just cutting back on all my animal products. My morning smoothies are now made with coconut milk and soy yogurt. I only eat meat at one meal a day and I haven't had red meat in weeks. Do I miss eating meat? No. Do I feel healthier? Yes. Have I eliminated that 'after meal coma'? Yes. Are my jeans looser? Yes.

4. Make a smoothie every morning and eat fruit for a morning snack. This is an EASY way to get some fruits and veggies in! My smoothies are 1 cup of fruits (whatever you want), 1 cup of spinach, coconut milk, soy yogurt, and a scoop of protein powder. I usually bring applesauce to school because it's easy to eat but this way I know I've gotten at LEAST 2.5 cups of fruits a day.

5. MOVE. Reese and I just started working out together and we're really pushing ourselves and staying motivated. We typically walk/jog a mile, do weights, a mat workout, and 20 minutes on the elliptical. I actually really like jogging so sometimes when Reese does mat I'll go jog a couple more laps. LET ME TELL YOU...I do NOT move fast, I do not end up dripping in sweat, I do not kill myself- but I DO push myself, I DO work up a sweat, I DO feel sore the next day! That's what matters!

So tell us- what do you do to make yourself a little healthier? What are your favorite things to do for a workout? 


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feel the Burn!

Hello all!  I apologize for leaving you for so long.  As Leigh said, I was home for the summer and working a TON of hours at a resort and on top of that I have a lot to do for my school organization BUT enough about me.  All you need to know is I'M BACK! :) And I promise you that Leigh and I will be writing more together because we have some VERY, I repeat, VERY exciting news for you in the upcoming weeks!

So. Let's chat.  Leigh has been voicing her desires to lead a more vegetarian lifestyle.  I, myself, have been working towards eating more healthy.  Not really because I feel like I need to lose weight or because I want to look better in my skinny jeans because I like where I am and it has taken me a long time to get to this place with myself.  I want to be an all around healthier person.  I've realized it is truly the little things that make a difference.  This can be from stopping myself from buying those delicious cheesy puffs, to taking the stairs to class rather than the elevator.  Anything that I can do to feel better, I am setting out to do!  I just really enjoy the feeling of being healthy.  It's like you breathe better, look better ...even your hair has an added bounce!

Now, today.  In our joint quest to find healthiness, Leigh and I hit the gym!  A couple of years ago we started going almost everyday and it was great!  But then summer set in and the ice cream rolled out and, well, you know the rest... But not this year!  We are back to being motivated and have set up a schedule.  As I said before, it starts with the little things.  So I'm going to share our workouts on here from time to time to get some feedback maybe and anything else you would like to discuss with us because we LOVE hearing from you! 

To start, we warmed up with a looong(ish) walk from my apartment to the gym and then did some stretches like any true athlete ;) We then hit the track to walk three laps and jog two.  After that we did some standard weight equipment exercises with enough weight to ensure that I probably will have a hard time walking tomorrow.  Then it was off to the mats for some glute workouts along with every sort of crunch/ab sculpting exercise there is.  We then went down the 4 flights of stairs to do about 15 minutes of intense cardio on the elliptical.  And when I say intense I mean my heart was pounding and I was sweating like a pig!  Finally, we headed back up to the track and finished the mile we started earlier.  It took us about an hour and we were both surprisingly pleased with our performance!

There you have it.  A little glimpse into the healthier life of Leigh and Reese.  I'm off to bed- pray I can walk in the morning!! 

Stay Beautiful

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Made a Vlog!

Omg. I made a vlog to tell you all about my day. I made it, and saved it, and uploaded it all on my own- I am seriously proud of myself since I have NO IDEA how to do any of this computer stuff. It is theworstvlogevver. I apologize, really, but, I wanted to talk to all of you. I promise better in the future. See you soon, lovies!