Thursday, September 29, 2011


So I had an entire (well, half) of a post typed up yesterday and my tablet wouldn't let me type anymore on it- so frustrating! It's for the better,, though, because it was all whiny and Debbie-downer of me. I don't want to be like that- even though I know we ALL have days like that!This post is going to be super random because I have a lot of things to tell you guys but I can't formulate a thought right now- ha!

In other news...the reason Reese and I were gone last week is BECAUSE a) I was sick as death, b) I was behind on school, c) we had an event to cater, d) Reese went out of town. Last week was NUTS. 

The SURPRISE that I told you about two or three times is that Reese and I are opening up our own business! We have been talking about it for some time now- almost a year, and with the end of school fast approaching, we figured there's no better thing to do. We're going to be making cupcakes and cookies for student organizations on campus and also small local events- birthday parties, girls nights, etc. We made up some business cards and have been handing them out. We did our first event last week- 60 cupcakes! We are in the process of making up a menu and price list- hopefully by the end of October this will be all done. I'm thinking our next step needs to be making up a portfolio and doing some more marketing. 

I found the bed and side chairs I want at IKEA yesterday! There is one about 30 minutes from me so in a couple weeks I am going to buy my bed! The chairs are $600 so those are going to have to wait for another month or so- sigh. I never realized how much money it costs just to be a grown up and have things like REAL furniture in your house. The chairs are a chocolate brown which will go nicely with my couch and all the espresso colored furniture in my house...

Alright ladies that's really all I have for you ladies- but we are still here and checking blogs often!

Questions: What's your favorite flavor cupcake? Have you ever bought furniture from IKEA- thoughts?


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  1. Thoughts? Me likey dat chair.

    Other thoughts? GIRL-saw your comment, HAHA I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. I'm not always happy are you serious?! I just learned a long time ago to laugh at myself, and apparently it's done me well?! Also Prozac helps. Two years sister! ;) xoxo