Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feel the Burn!

Hello all!  I apologize for leaving you for so long.  As Leigh said, I was home for the summer and working a TON of hours at a resort and on top of that I have a lot to do for my school organization BUT enough about me.  All you need to know is I'M BACK! :) And I promise you that Leigh and I will be writing more together because we have some VERY, I repeat, VERY exciting news for you in the upcoming weeks!

So. Let's chat.  Leigh has been voicing her desires to lead a more vegetarian lifestyle.  I, myself, have been working towards eating more healthy.  Not really because I feel like I need to lose weight or because I want to look better in my skinny jeans because I like where I am and it has taken me a long time to get to this place with myself.  I want to be an all around healthier person.  I've realized it is truly the little things that make a difference.  This can be from stopping myself from buying those delicious cheesy puffs, to taking the stairs to class rather than the elevator.  Anything that I can do to feel better, I am setting out to do!  I just really enjoy the feeling of being healthy.  It's like you breathe better, look better ...even your hair has an added bounce!

Now, today.  In our joint quest to find healthiness, Leigh and I hit the gym!  A couple of years ago we started going almost everyday and it was great!  But then summer set in and the ice cream rolled out and, well, you know the rest... But not this year!  We are back to being motivated and have set up a schedule.  As I said before, it starts with the little things.  So I'm going to share our workouts on here from time to time to get some feedback maybe and anything else you would like to discuss with us because we LOVE hearing from you! 

To start, we warmed up with a looong(ish) walk from my apartment to the gym and then did some stretches like any true athlete ;) We then hit the track to walk three laps and jog two.  After that we did some standard weight equipment exercises with enough weight to ensure that I probably will have a hard time walking tomorrow.  Then it was off to the mats for some glute workouts along with every sort of crunch/ab sculpting exercise there is.  We then went down the 4 flights of stairs to do about 15 minutes of intense cardio on the elliptical.  And when I say intense I mean my heart was pounding and I was sweating like a pig!  Finally, we headed back up to the track and finished the mile we started earlier.  It took us about an hour and we were both surprisingly pleased with our performance!

There you have it.  A little glimpse into the healthier life of Leigh and Reese.  I'm off to bed- pray I can walk in the morning!! 

Stay Beautiful

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  1. We worked so hard! Maybe tomorrow we should sprint around the track and show off to everyone? :) Ha!