Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Least Techy...

About a month ago, I bought an Asus tablet and docking station to replace my laptop. It was old and dying. I couldnt figure out how to work my tablet so I barely used it for almost a month, Last night my Dell finally here I am. No pictures, no files, no music on my new tablet. Starting all over....Im still getting used to my touch screen and figuring out what apps I need so I can do school on this as well.

What tablet do you have? What apps are necessary? I don't play games so Angry Birds probably won't be downloaded....:-)

Also I am trying to figure out new bloggy layouts/designs and how to add buttons/Twitter link/Facebook link. Can anyone help? I am probably the least techy person to ever enter blog world but I'm TRYING.


  1. ugh, I don't know a thing about tablets....or apps! hope you find someone who does!!

  2. hmmm I'm no help either, I'm a Mac girl! Can't believe you guessed my surprise before I did - haha!! I was so dead set on it not being a RING ;]