Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Things

1. Going to bed at 9pm on Wednesday means you WILL be up at 4am, and unable to go back to sleep. Also, this one night out of the week, your neighbor will be snoring so obnoxiously loud that it keeps you up even longer...which is why I am sitting here at 4:45am...

2. I didn't buy those chairs from IKEA. To be honest the price was a little ridiculous (300 each) to me at this point in my life. I bought two chairs that I LOVE from Target, and they were on discount. I got two side chairs for less than the price of ONE IKEA chair. My living room is painted a cream color (it's actually coconut milk) and my tables/ottoman are espresso, so brown furniture works great. I think they tie the room together and make it look a little happier. 

3. I haven't been working a ridiculous amount any more- bittersweet. I find myself wasting time since I get Mondays, most of Wednesdays, and Saturdays off. On the other hand, I'm finally relaxing and getting things done around my house. This summer, I got ONE day on the boat with my boyfriend (now ex...) and a QUICK weekend to see my best friend get married. I checked the calendar at work and we only have 9 events in November so I'm thinking of making a trip somewhere! Where should I go, ladies? I'm thinking somewhere semi-warm and making it a mini road trip.

4. I'm making homemade stir fry tonight- is it sad that I'm excited about that? Everyone on Food Network makes it look so easy and ordering food is no bueno for my waistline or budget, so, here goes nothing! I'm trying to get more into cooking at home and figuring out some recipes I can make quickly after a long day at work/school.


  1. ove the chairs! also, love that you are cooking dinners....I made a great/quick stir fry last night... super quick, super easy:

    Take 1/2 cup soy sauce, 3 tablespoons cooking sherry, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, 2 tablespoons cornstarch and 1 tablespoon fresh minced ginger. Mix together in a bowl and toss in 1 pound flank steak (cut against the grain into little thin strips). Set aside and let the juices marinate...

    Meanwhile heat a skillet to piping HOT with 2 tbsp peanut or olive oil. Once the skillet is hotter than hades throw in 8 ounces of snow peas and stir around for less than a minute (you want to keep them crispy), remove from the pan and set aside. Next take half of your meat out of the marinade and lay in a single layer into a pan. Let is sit (don't stir) for at least 1 minute! Throw in a handful of chop scallions.... turn over for 45 seconds or so and cook on the opposite side. Remove from heat. Repeat with your remaining meat... once that is done throw EVERYTHING including extra marinade juice into the pan. Stir around for one minute...let the juicy juices thicken to perfection.

    remove from heat and serve over brown rice!

    and there you have it....a healthy option for dinner. yum!

    (yes, I did just post an entire recipe on a comment. haha... I really liked dinner last night so I just HAD to share it!)