Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beauty Review+ I Miss You

Omg. I started this post Friday at work and I got too busy to finish it! I haven't blogged in the time I get home from work I am just exhausted. I've also been spending a little bit of time with someone lately- there may be a surprise for you all soon. ;-)

Anyways..I just wanted to do a couple of beauty reviews for the summer- what are your fave products?!
Does anybody else use this? I've been using it for YEARS..literally, but I feel like it's not doing a good job? I switched from the light to medium and I still dont' look that tan. I hate to do this to my skin but I've been going in a bed too to be tan for an upcoming wedding! source

I bought this yesterday...but in the little roller ball. I don't go through perfume that quickly because a) I always smell like a baby by the end of work anyways, b) the baby is allergic to fragrance, and b) it just melts off/evaporates in the summer. The roller ball is the size of a Sharpie- it can come anywhere with me. The fragrance is sweet but not sugary- definitely good for date night! source

I just bought this mascara and I LOVE it. I've been using it on its own (three coats) but I've also layered it with my ULTA and Clinique mascara. I can only imagine how huge my lashes would be if I put falsies on and then sealed them with this!

I am obsessed with this- it is the BEST stuff for your hair year round. It keeps my hair smooth in the humidity and the dry winter. I have shoulder length hair and I literally use half a dime size on my wet hair. The rest I just rub into my hands- makes them so soft. source

What are your favesies?!


P.S. I promise a blog post and pictures sooner rather than later!


  1. I am in desperate need of some new mascara! And volume is a must for me!

    Love VS fragrances, they are sweet and sexy, but not over powering!

    Lately my favorite beauty product is CO Bigalow lip gloss... its shiny but not sticky and minty, so it kind of freshens your breath too!

  2. I use Moroccan oil too! Looove.
    Love, LA ;)