Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Time!

....for a vacation.

Reese and I are going on a mini vacay in the fall to CHICAGO! We tried to plan this last year but it never worked out. Tell us- what are some fun things to do in Chicago? I've never been- I want to know where to shop, stay, eat, etc..

Furthermore, I'm also planning another mini vacay in November since I get a two month paid break from work- holla- thank you Jesus! I take that back- "planning" is a very fluid concept since I don't actually know where I want to do. Ideas?

Somewhere warm away from the cold and wind of Michigan?

Tiny cabin for the weekend?

Swanky hotel for a staycation? Pool, hot tub, spa, etc...

Big city to try something new and crazy?!

What do you all think? Where do you like to vacation?

Have a good weekend, lovies! Reese is in Michigan for a BRITNEY SPEARS concert and I am working/helping boyfriend paint his house!

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