Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rules Of A Lady [because we're all so classy]

So as always, I was searching around Piccsy late one night and I found all of these pictures titled "Rules Of A Lady".  I obviously had to set out to find if this was a blog thing or website (but those are kinda the same thing, right?) Anywho.  The best I could do was find some scattered around Tumblr. ...I'm sure there is more out there but it's late and I'm tired and I worked a long shift today.  I apologize blog lovies!

I collected some of my favorites that I found so I thought I would share with you!
Don't we all want to have that moment in life when you spot an ex on one of your good days?  Like the day you put on a hot smoky eye and finally got that dress out of the back of your closet? 


I guess this goes with the whole spotting your ex thing.  It's a fun quote nonetheless...and you know how much we enjoy quotes!

Although it can be killer sometimes, you know it feels good to master the art of strutting in your favorite pumps!

I know I'm just a guarded person but I took this to heart.

Keep them wanting more!!

 There you have it.  My two cents for the day...er morning.  What have you, have a lovely day! xoxo

PS- If anyone knows where the full list of this is...or if there even is one... hit us up!! :)

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  1. My favorite is, "Your dresses should be tight enough to show that you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady." -Edith Head.
    So classy!