Monday, June 6, 2011


blog world. it's been a while, no? ive been working 60 hours a week and reese just started a new job. we have a lot on our plates so...sorry for the neglect. seriously, sorry.

meg over @ did something this week...YAY and BOO...i'm doing the same thing because today is SUCH a monday and i need to learn to be thankful but to take the good and bad.

YAY....for new flowers on my desk

BOO....for the printer going out at work this morning

YAY....for learning things at work

BOO....for being so far away from reese

YAY...for friendships being kindof fixed.

BOO....for not eating breakfast

YAY....for finshing the help and almost finishing water for elephants

BOO....for people around me being in a bad mood

YAY....for making my trash can a foot stool. is this gross? do other people do this? i really only throw away paper.

BOO....for not having the organizational spaces i need at home

YAY....for warm weather and sunshine.

that's relaly all i have. a bunch of lowercase letters and typos. and some details of myl ief that aren't really that important...but they're important to me.

we will be back soon, blogger world. promise. my camera is broken soooo pictures might have to wait.



  1. Hey girl! I tried to email ya but I don't think your email is linked to your blogger, anyways! I saw your comment, thank you! That blue dress is from Francesca's, so you all have one? Its great!!

  2. okay, don't even get me STARTED in the bachelorette! UGHHHHHHHHHH.

    what I want to know is WHY isn't anyone telling ashley what a douchebag bentley is? I mean, someone has to know, they are playing it for america to see so why didn't anyone tell her so she wouldn't feel so bad about him leaving? grr.

    and I think JP is a cutie pie... and i MAY like Ben a little bit too but not sure ...


    what about you?!

  3. glad we agree about the bachelorette! haha!