Saturday, June 11, 2011

A New Day!

Both Leigh and I have been experiencing a bit of a funk lately.  Do you ever just get in those moods where you feel it would be best if you just laid in you bed all day and stuffed your face with whatever you could get your hands on?  Well, I'm right there with you.  I recently started a new job and although the job itself is honestly one of the most fun things I have ever been apart of, the hierarchy of the company leaves something to be desired.  Moving on. There is the new job, the separation from Leigh (yes, at times I feel we were once Siamese twins), and so many other things that build up that cause me to break down.

But that was yesterday.

It's a brand new day!  I decided early this morning that I'm going to try and carry this thought around with me for one whole day.  As soon as I feel like being Miss Bah-hum-bug, I am going to tell myself- "self, it's a new day!"  Who knows what this positive thinking will do, if anything, but I am more than willing to try!  I'll keep you updated on what today holds :)


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