Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Reese and I are both back from our weekend adventures! It's good to go away but also good to come home. We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and soaked up some serious sun! :)

Here we go with WILW...

1. I'm loving that there are only 12 more days left of school! After the 17th I will be able to sleep in till 7am and not have to pack a lunch or check homework ever again!

2. I'm loving that it's warm enough out to play outside with Little Girl (since I don't want to put her real name all over the 'net :) and take her to the pool...I am a water baby myself and I think pool time makes everybody happier!

3. I'm loving that the bride from the wedding I worked Sunday gave me a HUGE vase of flowers for free...they are on my desk making it look so beautiful.

4. I'm loving that this week is a four day week and we are halfway there- what are you all doing this weekend?!

5. I'm loving that I am now using coupons every time I go to the grocery store. How much of a soccer mom am I...BUT...I seriously love buying something that's on SALE and THEN using a coupon. Adrenaline. Rush.

6. I'm loving my new coconut body bathroom smells like Hawaii (not that I would know, but, I assume). It's the little things.

7. I'm loving that fruit is so cheap now so I can buy a LOT of it!

What are you loving?! :)


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