Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can we just talk about this???

I say that a lot. More specifically, to quote my own self, I say "Lets talk about this for a minute." Because I like details. And reviewing. And talking. And hearing myself speak.

I've turned into a little bit of a whiner this week. I have so much to tell all of you, so much to UNLOAD...

Can we just talk I've been working 50-60 hours every week, between THREE jobs, SEVEN days a week? By the way, there are only seven days in a week- you do that math. Carissa at Carissa Explains It All does the saaaame thing. I only plugged her in here because I read her blog err'day, and it makes me laugh.

Can we just talk my ex boyfriend who "wants to see me so bad" and "wants to try again" and "misses me" hasn't made time for me in a month? I beg to differ, sir. So, someone tell me WHY I still take his calls and WHY I still CANCEL MY PLANS to "go see him" when he just cancels on me? Please. Let me know.

Can we just talk there's only ME in the office for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday? I think a couple other people are coming in for small, random shifts but I feel like I have to hold down the fort and that's ridiculous.

Can we just talk one lady in my office is on her CELL phone all day...she does hang up to take work calls but she is seriously always on her phone. I have my phone AT my desk and I do text...but I don't take calls! Does anyone else think this is unprofessional?

Can we just talk I have to try on my bridesmaids dress today and I've eaten a brownie AND a muffin AND a sandwich? No salad. No water. No fruit. This should be a super fun fitting.

I'm done. I'm sorry. just stressed. And overwhelmed.
I work too much.
And play too little.
I don't take time for myself and that exhausts me.
So I let it build up.
Then this happens. I apologize.
I'm just trying to be...real here...and this is how I'm feeling today.

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