Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hard Hitting Journalism...

Around these parts (sorry, I'm feeling a little Western today) we're really into hard hitting journalism- things that matter. Such issues include but are not limited to: cupcakes, decor, laundry rooms, jewelry, beachy things and coffee. Since you all need to know some important things...I'm going to share them with you. Simple as that. Lets get started, shall we?

1. You should all check out Pioneer Woman...her blog is so fabulous and some days I just want to be like her. I would probably die if she ever commented on a blog post, although I'm sure she has more important things to do, like make this perfect iced coffee. I'll be trying this Monday evening, since I plan when I do fun things and all.

2. After 21 years, my mother is still the best worse voice of reason in my life. I hate most of the things she tells me because they're logical and correct and they're what I should do. I can't wait till I have kids and I can tell them things that are logical and correct...that moment will be bliss.

3. I got a kitten last week. Actually...two. They're brother and sister, and until I give the brother away, they're both staying with me. My laundry room is now a kitten sanctuary, all inclusive with litter box, plush bedding (read: ratty towels) and formula that costs $12 a container. Let me do the math for you since they have to be on that formula for another three weeks: $48 on kitten formula. Forrealz.

4. Working weddings is boring sometimes. I'm just being honest, I really wish I could be more involved in the weddings I work. I wish I could do more than just clean up and make sure vendors are here on time. I love my job buttt...I really want to coordinate, not just supervise. :)
5. I think Reese moves back home (read: not home) in 8 or so weeks! I can't wait to see her so we can bake, have sangria days and coffee dates. We are basically twins separated at birth and summers are rough without her here to hang out with!

6. I need a new desk and a TV stand/cabinet/thingy. Do any of you have matching ones of these? I want a really sturdy desk...because mine just has 4 legs and no cross supprt (thanks for teaching me that, dad!) and now it's all wobbly. It may also be wobbly because it's over 5 years old, and my ex and I decided to take it apart last year and spray paint it. By the way, it wasn't supposed to come apart...

That's really all I have for you today. I want to get some pictures of my kittens up soon and maybe do some decorating at home!

Have a good weekend, lovies

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