Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nine Loves!

In no particular order...


My kittens...I got two kittens back in May- they were 5 weeks old but their mom abandoned them so I took them home early. I basically fed them out of the palm of my hand and spent almost $100 on formula to make sure they stayed healthy.

Coffee- it is my fuel! I actually prefer to brew my coffee at home rather than buy it in the morning but I HAVE to get it somehow.

My Keurig brewer for coffee. I just bought my Keurig this week and I LOVE it. I got it for $68 because I returned some stuff to the store- cheap for a Keurig!

I seriously cannot get enough of office supplies. I love going back to school shopping because I know there will be new Sharpies, folders, binders in the store. I love buying Post-its and office stationary as well.

Summer- my absolute, hands down, no questions favorite season. I love seeing sun all the time, laying at the pool, staying up late, going out with friends. In Michigan the falls are really cold and winter is the worst EVER- think slush EVERYWHERE, snowing 24/7 and temps so low your car won't start.

Decorating- I'm constantly thinking of new ways to re-do my house. I'm slowly getting all of the stuff I want done, but it's a process! 

Jewelry- I can never leave the house without at least earrings and a necklace. Sometimes I feel naked without my rings on, too.

Lazy mornings. I consider today a lazy morning because I didn't have to be up till 9:15, I don't have to work, and I get to blog and enjoy coffee! During football season I get up every Saturday at 6 to babysit and I used to wake up at 7 every Saturday to give tours at work. I LOVE having them off.

Manicures- the instant pick me up in my opinion. I actually don't like FULL manicures because I don't like people holding/massaging/rubbing lotion on my hands, so I always just go in and ask them to file my nails and polish them. What's your favorite nail polish color?

Candles and good smelling things. I had a convo with one of my bosses once how annoying it is when someones house smells GROSS and they cover it up with candles...I hate that. ANYWAYS my house is clean clean clean but I always sprinkle carpet refresher into the carpets, I have an air freshener ON each litter box, and a Glade plug in for the main room. I love burning candles that smell like caramel, vanilla, leaves (B&BW has a leaves scent- LOVE), maple....pretty much anything. I will say that fall has the best candle scents as far as season goes.  

Relax today, lovies!

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