Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm So Tired.

I know I'm new to this blogging thing and it's unlike me to be so emotional, but it's just been such a rough week.

I know that compared to others, my life is ah-ma-zing and I really have nothing to complain about...but...

I'm constantly on the go. Mondays and Saturdays are my only days off, so on Monday I did four- yes, four loads of laundry, cleaned closets, vacuumed, organized, sifted through drawers and boxes, cleaned closets, etc. The rest of the week I work 8-10 hours a day and still try to come home and straighten, wash,...all that other stuff. It's truly draining and I only live on my own. My husband is going to end up doing his own laundry, I swear.

I feel like I've lost all of my friends this week. For things I did with good intentions, some friends are mad at me. For things I did unknowingly, friends are mad at me. Other friends are out of town doing FUN stuff- vacation, beach, relaxing, eating out...where am I? Stuck in an office.

I've lost so much of my passion for life. At work I try to be level headed and happy- clients comment on how helpful and thorough I am; at home I try to keep my house neat and clean; I try to keep up relationships, manage my money, focus on school, be a good person, get to church once a week. I spend my weekends with the boyfriend which throws me off. My own mother told me I'm too wrapped up in everything, I'm too much of a giver- I put myself out there TOO much. 

...but where is the time for me? I do absolutely nothing for myself. I find myself DAILY saying "I wish I could..." "I wish I did..." "I wish I knew how..." and I never make time to do those things.

How do you deal?
How do you balance?
How do you put yourself first sometimes?
How do you de-stress and relax?


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  1. you only live 4ish hours from TC? Where do you live? I am in grand rapids/kalamazoo most of the time! we must be pretty close!

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