Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap!

I'm taking a break from non-stop cleaning to do a weekend recap! After work Friday I drove to the boyfriends house and spent the evening helping him do home improvement projects. On Saturday we slept IN and had a surprise party for his brother's girlfriend. I definitely didn't relax enough but it was fun either way! I'm hoping to get in a truly relaxing weekend before midterms- yeah...maybe?

My sweet man! I promise not to post about us too much or be too sappy but I really do think he is pretty handsome :)

My favesies!

He had a sip of my marg and got some salt...sorry, bud!

E was actually in this picture but he's a ninja so you can't see him. So he says.

...Crazy cat lady, no? I hold my kittens ALL the freakin' time and they get so annoyed. "Mom, I iz tiiiireds"

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